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How Technology has Affected Communication
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Technology has definitely effected us in a bad way too. Pollution is one of the biggest threat, it is hurting our environment like nothing else. I wonder how long nature can sustain, humans are just killing it. I wish these echo friendly cars become available to every one as soon as possible.

Negative effects of technology on kids

Another negative effect of technology is this massive destructing warfare. Thousands of people can get killed in a fraction of second with these explosives.

1. Negative Effects of Technology Essay

This is not what technology should be used for. Technology is meant to make our lives better than before. Everyone should raise voice against such bad things. I posted a comment on your other post telling how it has changed my life.

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Anyway, it is undeniable that technology has both positive and negative effect on our daily life and suppose it most beneficial to us as a whole. However, it mainly depends on who affected that technology either from top to down or bottom up in structure of contribution. Everybody have to play their role in order to take an advantages the positive attitude rather than negative effect due to any form of technology.

For example, everyone have to post constructive comment on particular topic instead of critics, comments, condemned, etc which looking for similarities based on differences occur in several ideas. Consequently, everyone has responsible to do simple and small contribution which relevant so that it give huge impact and significantly to us because of technology.. I entirely agree that the side-effects of technology are more planet impacting than humans know.

Leaders of countries must recognize they must think planet and not their countries only, realigning their thinking beyond the economic interests and beliefs of their own countries.

Essay on Technology and the Negative Effects on Society

Because, the resources of our environment easily decreases. Although, we can say that it can be replaced by another through planting new trees but sad to say that, pollution which is the product of technology can never be gone instead, it will just increase because of constantly using of technology..

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Your email address will not be published. My Essay Point Free essays and term papers for students. But today children even carry cell phones to schools. Not only does it affect their studies but the fact is that some students carry their expensive gadgets to school as a result of which the others who cannot afford those gadgets start feeling the need to possess these mechanical toys. A child cannot understand that not everyone can have the same expensive cell phones.

Technology Essay

In an age when children should be playing indoor and outdoor games, they are playing animated games on their cell phones, laptops and iPads. Their whole range of activities seems to have been summarized into these technological advancements. Even when elders are talking with the children their heads are tilted on their computer or mobile screens and they tend to pay least attention even if something important is being said to them.

It is true that technological advancement has turned the world into a global village and kids today have more exposure to the happenings of the world than the kids of earlier decades, but children today do not see anything else that what technology shows them. They need to understand that a wider world exists outside their cell phones and internet.

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Children are even becoming lazier day by day because of the reason that each and everything is available at their doorstep, ordering anything is just a button away. Technology and technological advancement obviously saves time but individuals are becoming more and more dependent on it with every passing day. Long hours in front of the computers and laptops weaken the body and hearing a lot of musing results in hearing impairment. There is a limit to everything. Similarly, there should be a limit to using computers and laptops, for the sake of the individuals themselves.

If technology is harmful, then we need to minimize or eliminate the danger. If technology is not the source of the problems and concerns that are frequently attributed to it, then we need to find another cause for the social and psychological pressures faced by our society, so we can address these problems. Ever since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, people have voiced complaints about the harmful effects of technology Powerful Essays words Without it everyday living would be difficult.

Dependence on technology is detrimental to humanity, and will eventually lead to many dilemmas in the future. In this generation, mankind has become extremely reliant on technology.

The Negative Effects of Technology on Children

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In addition to that, they have also replaced the conventional methods of learning whereby, the teacher steps back from teaching and allow the various presentations in the devices to educate the students. The author begins their argument by stating information about an. While many users use technology as it was intended, there are those who do not. In the past, many of the machines and Continue Reading. Sure, they make life easier, but are they really necessary for words we should have learned in elementary school or simple math problems?

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