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Climate change means that walrus, polar bears and people may soon face an ice-free Arctic ocean during the summer, unless we take urgent action now. Though it may seem remote, the impacts felt in the Arctic are not limited to national borders … Nature is crying out for help in every corner of the planet, and it is time for us to listen before we lose the wonders we take for granted.

Waterfalls cascades in to the sea from the Austfonna polar ice cap on Nordaustlandet in the Svalbard archipelago, Norway. The holy grail is to get the waterfalls from it, like we see in the image, a natural phenomenon that only used to occur in the warmest few weeks of the arctic summer. Not now.

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And not just one or two waterfalls but many. This dramatic difference is a warning of things to come and one I was determined to record.

We need to act fast to save this species and avoid the fate of the baiji, the first river dolphin species driven to extinction by humans. Our freshwater habitats — including lakes, rivers and wetlands — are the most threatened of all our global habitats. Our rivers and streams are the blue arteries of our world.


Fridges message you about what products are about to run out, and the oven can be controlled by your smartphone. Of course, this technology is far from being perfect yet, but with the development of neural technologies, paralyzed people will be able to come back to society and to live their full life. Continually growing amounts of Internet traffic make cell networks develop with appropriate tempo. The huge accessibility of information is amazing given that a person can access it from anywhere in the globe. After year's world would be full of technology but also be full with their consequences.

Without thriving freshwater habitats, our planet will not survive. Federico Mosquera, endangered species coordinator from Omacha Foundation, a Colombian non-profit working in wildlife conservation issues, with a captured Amazon River Dolphin.

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Amazon river dolphins are extremely tactile animals and direct contact seems to have a calming effect. In , WWF Bolivia, Brazil, and Colombia coordinated a tri-national effort to tag and study Amazon river dolphins, applying satellite GPS technology in a ground-breaking project, to better understand river dolphin health and migratory patterns. Many net casts were unsuccessfully and the exhaustion and despair were starting to take a toll on the team until finally, on the sixth day, they managed to successfully tag one dolphin.

Only after the dolphin was released, did they allow themselves to explode in joy and tears. It also symbolises the intimate connection that we have with wildlife.

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However, they are under pressure from habitat loss and poaching. We are seeing tiger populations recover in areas where this is happening, which gives us great hope of protecting these incredible creatures for the future. A wild tiger is captured on a camera trap in corridor eight one of a series of dedicated wildlife corridors between the National Parks of Bhutan.

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All in this image is the result of millions of years of evolution, of work, to make it as perfect as it is. It reveals another world, unknown to most humans, something more beautiful and jaw-dropping than any science fiction movie. It makes me want to fight twice as hard to stop the current madness of the world.

However, it has been always so hard to find that many of us had to write papers for academia by ourselves and get poor.

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The Future World - English Composition Informal Essay People have been thinking of all kinds of futures, and I have no exception. Always. Future world fairs must focus on green technology which can help conserve the natural environment. They can also negate the impact of industrialization.

Receive discount. Check your email, discount code is already there. Academic Level. Register Help. Remember Me? Forum Learning English Ask a Teacher essay on the future. Results 1 to 2 of 2. Thread: essay on the future. Member Info. Join Date: Aug Posts: Hi everybody, please revise the following essay for me, thanks alot indeed! But in my own opinion, the future will be more firghtening than it is exciting.

Because of the following reasons.

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