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How to Read the Copyright Page of a Book
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Free Book Copyright Page Example

Academic Level. Law school graduate, B. In-house writer.

Journal author rights

Aug 5, This article is not a substitute for professional legal advice. This article does not create an attorney-client relationship, nor is it a solicitation to offer legal advice. Privacy Policy Template. Cookies Policy Template. Terms of Service Template. Terms of Use Template. Disclaimer Template. Return and Refund Template. Disclaimer: Legal information is not legal advice, read the disclaimer.

Title of the Book

Next you'll see two versions of the copyright page, one long page with a CIP data block and a short version. Feel free to copy and paste these. The copyright page is crucial, if you want to protect your creative property. excerpts from any other work (another book, artwork, articles, etc.).

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Sample Copyright Notices. Contents 1 What is copyright? Sample Copyright Notices from termsfeed. By Sara Pegarella Law school graduate, B. More legal articles from TermsFeed Browsewrap vs. Download free templates Privacy Policy Template. You may need to look in multiple places on a site to find the information you need. Although you may need to omit some elements, look carefully and don't give up until you find as much source information as you can.

To find the author or editor of the work or site, look for links to the site's "About Us," "Contact Us," or mission statement sections. Note the title of an individual Web page or periodical article in quotation marks, and the title of the Website in italics. Record the name of the organization publishing the Website.

What To Include in Your Book’s Copyright Page

Look for this information at the bottom of the homepage, locating the person or group who holds the copyright. Or look for a link on the "About Us" page. Look for the date of electronic publication or most recent update. If no specific date appears along with the material you want to cite, look for a copyright date, usually located near the bottom of the page. U of North Carolina P, Questia , www.

Locating the Title and Copyright Pages

Hearne, Joanna. Nuclear Plants. First, choose one of the sources listed below and visit it in Questia.

Open the book or article and, using the advice above, make a list of the publication information needed to cite the source. Using the Questia tools, save the source you chose to an active project.

CIPC :: Copyright

View it from the list of sources in your active project folder and choose it to create a bibliography entry. Select the appropriate documentation style, then export the entry you generated with the bibliography tool to your word processor. Using a current handbook or other research and documentation guide, check the entry.

Proofread carefully, adding any missing information and necessary formatting. Using a topic for a current research project, look up material related to your subject in at least one of each of the source types described above: book, article one in print and one in a database , and a Web source. Look carefully for the information you need to document each source using the documentation style preferred for a current research assignment. Make copies or downloads of sources, highlighting publication information.

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Consult a handbook or other reference on the documentation style appropriate to your assignment to create a complete citation for each source. For additional advice on creating an effective working bibliography, see also the examples in tutorial 5, Avoiding Plagiarism.

How to Write an APA Abstract

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